Kacey Villainess’ Rectum Cocktail

Kacey Villainess joyfully puts cocktail into her luscious rectum
Hardcore Smoothies - Kacey Villainess' Rectum Cocktail
What fruity ass smoothie is Kacey going to have today? Find out as this horny freak uses her pooper to transform her favorite drink with all her ass can handle!

Melissa Makes Love Hole Drink

Melissa spills drink with relish into her bootlylicious love hole
Hardcore Smoothies - Melissa Makes Love Hole Drink
Melissa loves to slip a speculum in her gaped asshole, showing us that she’s up for anything! She just loves her ass smoothies shaken with a little twist!

Mya McKay’s Orifice Mai Tai

Mya McKay vigorously whips up her favorite beverage in her luscious orifice
Hardcore Smoothies - Mya McKay's Orifice Mai Tai
Think you’ve seen everything? Let Glauren shows you how to make a different kind of smoothie – a speculum and canned fruits in her pussy is just the trick!

Layla Rivera’s Rectum Drink

Layla Rivera gladly spills drink into her gorgeous rectum
Hardcore Smoothies - Layla Rivera's Rectum Drink
Ever seen an asshole being fed like a fat kid? Layla spoils her sweet stinker with a cold treat dumped inside it! See how she makes sure not a drop is wasted!

Claire’s Cool Rectum Drink

Claire Dames vivaciously puts drink into her hot rectum
Hardcore Smoothies - Claire's Cool Rectum Drink
Wild sluts pushing cold drinks outta their speculum filled fuck holes? We’ll tell you what’s better than that! Pussy and ass smoothies in super high definition!

Orifice Beverage

Moxxie Maddron wantonly squirts beverage into her gorgeous orifice
Hardcore Smoothies - Moxxie Maddron's Orifice Beverage
If there’s one thing this busty Latina loves, it’s a banana ass smoothie shot straight from her gaping ass! Who thought bananas are yummier drank than eaten!

Butthole Drink

Tricia Oaks friskily stuffs drink into her luscious butthole
Hardcore Smoothies - Tricia Oaks' Butthole Drink
Trisha has found a new purpose for her butthole that doesn’t involve a cock. Ditch the ice cream girls, ass smoothies are the new thing for this speculum slut!

Concoction From Tight Rectum

Taylor Mae pours concoction into her yummy tight rectum
Hardcore Smoothies - Taylor Mae's Concoction From Her Tight Rectum
Taylor gives us two of the favorite things men love. Food and sex — served straight from her juicy tight asshole into a glass of fresh squeezed tasty ass smoothie!

Hannah West’s Special Butt Drink

Hannah West happily squirts drink into her delectable butt
Hardcore Smoothies - Hannah West's Special Butt Drink
Hannah found a new hobby her parents would never approve – fixing drinks using her poophole as a drink mixer! Daddy’s little slut would do anything for attention!

Brooklyn Night’s Love Hole Smoothie

Brooklyn Night energetically stuffs smoothie into her gorgeous love hole
Hardcore Smoothies - Brooklyn Night's Love Hole Smoothie
How do you make a cold smoothie warm in a matter of seconds? Find out here! Brooklyn is a pro in melting frozen smoothies in her tight little stinker!